10 Backup Features to Help Your Business



We Care About Your Data Security

We help small and medium businesses to achieve complete data protection and availability by providing state of the art online backup solution. Our fully automated system will ensure that your data is secure and ready to use even if all of your other computer systems fail. On top of this you only need ONE account to protect ALL your computers.

Data Loss Will Harm Your Business

Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. The loss, or just temporary inaccessibility, of this data may threaten your hard-earned business edge. Loss of corporate data may ruin your company’s reputation or lead to expensive litigation, but most importantly, data loss WILL interrupt your business operation.



Key Features:

Backup schedulerBackup Scheduler. Our software allows you to easily create multiple backup schedules that suit your needs.
Data centerFirst Class Data Centre. Your backup data will be stored in a first class data centre, located in Melbourne, Australia.
In-file delta technologyIn-File Delta Technology. OneBackup offers a proprietary In-File Delta technology, which is designed to reduce your Internet traffic usage.
Backup encryption256 Bit Encryption. Prior to sending your data over the Internet, our remote backup software compresses and encrypts it using 256-bit encryption.
14 day free trial14 Day Free Trial Account. This account is aimed to allow you to test our online data backup service.
Continuous Data ProtectionContinuous Data Protection. This feature allows capture of every version of a file that has been saved to your hard drive.
Microsoft exchange server backupBackup And Restore for Microsoft Exchange Server. OneBackup online backup software allows you to backup and restore individual emails, calendars, contact lists, etc.
Comprehensive Backup Reports and StatisticsReports And Statistics. OneBackup offers two levels of backup reports and statistics – daily updates for individual users and comprehensive reports for system administrators.
Microsot Outlook BackupMicrosoft Outlook Backup. With OneBackup software you can easily backup Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.
Microsoft Windows System Backup and RestoreMicrosoft Windows System Backup. OneBackup software is able to perform Windows System Backup and Restore