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Information kept on corporate laptops and desktops is typically most vulnerable. From the first days of computing, file corruption and hard-drive crashes have proven to be all too common – resulting in major business disruptions, not to mention excessive hair loss and rising blood pressures. In short, sudden data loss will be letting individuals and companies down at the most inconvenient moment.

Unlike the “old school” backup solutions that rely on hardware duplication, online backup excels at preventing data loss caused by hardware malfunction or theft. When using the OneBackup remote backup solution, your information is automatically backed up, encrypted and then sent via the Internet to our secure servers that are located in secure information centres. Your essential data will be kept in these monitored data centres as long as needed, constantly updated and available for recovery when required.

There is no more need to stress about tapes and manual backup jobs. Now you can concentrate on your core business and be confident that your important information is safe.

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