Secure a Disaster Recovery Plan Before It’s Too Late

Disaster Recovery

Did you know that restoring files from damaged or corrupted hard drives can cost thousands of dollars?

The best defence against loss of data is a really solid and accurate backup routine of important files to a reliable media. It’s also a good idea for the media to be kept in a different physical area, so that even if something happens to your computers or servers for any reason, you will be able to recover your important business or personal data.

OneBackup offers a fully automatic remote backup service that enables you to easily develop business processes and procedures required to backup and keep your data protected at all times.

All of our secure data servers are located in Australia. This was done to ensure that your data does not leave the country and can be easily accessed if required. In order to provide additional protection to your data we placed our servers in different locations – Melbourne and Brisbane.

OneBackup offers two methods of recovering your data listed below:

OneBackup Software Client

If you have the client software installed on your computer, you will be able to easily recover necessary files.

OneBackup Web Portal

This is another way for you to recover necessary files. Simply logon to the portal using your username and password and recover the files you need. You can also use this option to download necessary files from our backup server to your computer that does not have the client installed.

Remote Access – Anytime, Anywhere

If you travel a lot or your company has a number of staff working in different geographical areas, you might find the Web Portal option useful to distribute necessary files from the central office.

Fully Automatic

The backup job will automatically run everyday according to the schedule you have defined. Since no error-prone human intervention is required, missed backups caused by mistake will no longer happen when using OneBackup remote backup service.