Looking for a solution to backup your virtual machines?

Virtual Machine Backup

OneBackup is an automated offsite backup solution that offers an easy and efficient way to protect your virtual machines. Our client-side backup application, Online Backup Manager (OBM) version 6, can backup the images of individual guest virtual machines in VMware ESX, ESXi, Server 2 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

OneBackup is an all-in-one service that includes everything you need for secure offsite backup and recovery – no expensive hardware or software needed. Reliability and ease of use make OneBackup ideal for businesses of all sizes that need to protect information stored on virtual machines from sudden destruction.

If something happens to your virtual machine, you can restore the whole backed up image of a particular VM to its original host server. Alternatively, you can manually restore the components of a virtual machine, e.g. VMDK of VMWare, or the snapshots, virtual hard disks and virtual machines of Microsoft Hyper-V.

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