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Are you in a profession which requires collecting and managing client data? Are you confident your client data is sufficiently protected? Are you confident your company meets all corporate standards and government regulations regarding data protection? No? You are not alone!

Service business operators (whether they are accounting, legal, medical, engineering or any other consulting business) are faced with various challenges in managing their fast growing volumes of client data. Most of the files saved on their laptops, desktops and servers contain very sensitive and confidential client information – often relating to client’s financial position, taxes, family matters, health and private affairs. It is the professional practice management’s responsibility to keep this data safe, secure and strictly confidential.

Most Australian businesses must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and many other pieces of legislation, such as the Australian Taxation Act (1936 and 1997) and the Corporations Act to name a couple. The legislation prescribes certain record-keeping terms for businesses and individuals, for example under the Corporations Act companies` records must be kept for 7 years. It is easy to imagine the costs of storage and destruction of the original documents that businesses incur on a daily basis. Large client volumes of the professional practices further magnify these costs. To minimise the record-keeping expenditure many businesses are now moving to a paperless operation and prefer to store their records electronically. At that point they are facing a new challenge – making sure that electronic data is well protected, kept safely and is easily available when required.

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