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Ensure Data Protection and Cost Effective Management

Dealing with clients’ confidential and often very sensitive information creates unique challenges for legal practices.

Information kept on laptops and desktops inside legal practices is typically most vulnerable. From the first days of computing, human error, file corruption and hardware failures have proven to be all too common – resulting in major business disruptions and reputation losses.

Management software is critical for efficient everyday running of a legal practice. Safety and availability of data kept on servers and databases is crucial, as they usually hold most of the client’s sensitive information. And yet, due to the changing government regulations, reduced IT budgets, poorly managed priorities and ever growing volumes of data, enterprise server backup procedures are often not properly implemented or followed … until now…

OneBackup’s online backup solution for servers automatically integrates with your current IT infrastructure to offer a safe and reliable backup for all essential information.

Various pieces of legislation, such as the Corporations Act, the Privacy Act and others, prescribe certain documents to be kept for a number of years, if not indefinitely.  Ensuring compliance means inevitably increasing your data quantities even further.

Client information and your professional practice work combine to create large quantities of sensitive data in your care, requiring adequate storage and protection from damage or loss.

Reliable, Automatic Backup Solutions

Unlike the “old school” backup solutions that rely on hardware duplication, online backup excels at preventing data loss caused by hardware malfunction or theft. When using OneBackup online data backup solution, your information is automatically backed up, encrypted and then sent via the Internet to our secure servers that are located in secure information centres. Your essential data will be kept in these monitored data centres as long as needed, constantly updated and available for recovery when required.

We offer industry leading customer support and award winning remote backup solutions, which are equipped with a full range of enterprise-class backup features for protecting mission critical business data. OneBackup solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with managing data in legal practices.

Why Use OneBackup for Online Backup?

  • Remote data backup – you only need one account to backup all computers in your practice, including laptops!
  • Advanced data transition technology
  • Customised packages for practices of all sizes
  • Packages scaled cost-effectively and suit every budget
  • Expert advice with implementation and maintenance of data compliance

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