Why Online Backup

Why Online Backup

Corporate data is the most important asset of any business, and it is far too valuable to keep it unprotected. With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails all being stored in electronic format nowadays, it has become increasingly important for businesses to back up their corporate data. Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. The loss, or just temporary inaccessibility, of the data may threaten your hard-earned business edge. Most importantly, data loss will interrupt your business operations.

The question is not whether your business will lose data – it’s when will this happen. Whether it’s a catastrophic event, such as fire, flood, or the more common virus, hard-drive crash, user error, laptop left in a taxi, or coffee spill, your computers will eventually lose some of the critical files.

This is why more and more small and medium businesses are turning to online backup and recovery to displace older, manual, less reliable backup methods (e.g. tape, DVD, external hard drives, etc.).

OneBackup online backup service provides several key advantages and is far more secure than methods relying solely on local media:


Traditional backup methods require user intervention, complicating the backup process. Users may have to insert DVDs into drives, change tapes, or manually initiate the backup. In contrast, online backup requires only a simple, one-time configuration. Online backup then runs automatically according to the desired schedule, without any need for user intervention.


When backed up online, data is automatically encrypted before it leaves your local network.

Storage Location

With traditional backup, backed up data is often stored in a single location (for example, in a stack of DVDs in your office). If backup media are not taken off-site, a natural disaster at that location may destroy the backup along with the original data. Online backup ensures that data is stored in multiple locations, usually quite far from each other, and protects it from local disasters such fires or theft.

Restore Options

When using traditional backup, users must have access to the backup medium in order to restore the data. Online backup, however, offers multiple restore options, including restoring your data from anywhere simply by using a Web browser to access backup versions of files.


Traditional media used for backup are prone to failure. Tapes, hard drives and DVDs have a surprisingly high failure rate. Online backup uses enterprise-grade infrastructure that is significantly more reliable, with built-in redundancy across multiple locations.

You should try OneBackup online backup service because it is automatic, will save your data remotely, and is less expensive than other methods.