windows system backupMicrosoft Windows System Backup and Restore

OneBackup software is able to perform Windows System Backup and Restore for computers running either Microsoft Windows Vista (Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Edition) or Windows 7 (Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Edition), or Windows Server 2008. Furthermore, for other versions of Microsoft Windows, One Backup Software is able to perform Windows System Backup and Restore in conjunction with StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect application.

Although both ShadowProtect and Windows’ built-in system backup functionality allow users to execute Windows system backup, they both lack the ability to efficiently perform remote data backup. By combining ShadowProtect and Microsoft Windows System Backup with OneBackup’s expertise in automatic data backup technologies, you will experience complete online system backup for Microsoft Windows.

This solution will allow you to backup the complete operating system and all installed applications with the local configurations and settings. In case of a computer or server failure latest known working system state can be easily restored from a backup stored on a remote backup server. This restore can be done to a new hardware configuration that is different from the original one.